Ecoluxepavé: Legor's new roofing process is cyanide-free




The world of precious metals, spanning the luxury accessory and jewelry sectors, is constantly evolving. Here more than anywhere else, research and innovation play a leading role, to achieve the goal of fine-tuning increasingly high-performance solutions and, at the same time, characterized by a lower environmental impact. It is precisely from this approach aimed at constant improvement that Ecoluxepavé was born, the new process introduced by Legor, a Vicenza-based company that has become an international reference point for the science of precious metals at the service of the gold-silver and fashion.


Ecoluxepavé is a system that rests on three main pillars (sustainability, reliability and efficiency) and represents yet another confirmation of Legor's commitment to an increasingly responsable future. It is a new cyanide-free covering process for two-color processing, called "a Pavé" precisely, designed to create chains with a luminous effect with white gold and yellow gold colorations. Created this year, it comes at the conclusion of extensive work by the company's R&D team to find the best cyanide-free (CN free) formulation, so as to make the product safe for both the environment and the operator involved in production.


Aimed specifically at the jewelry world, the process is in fact intended for applicators in the industry, particularly chain manufacturers, Ecoluxepavé thus takes an environmentally friendly approach to luxury but also allows for improved production performance. Its room-temperature operation (it does not need to be heated to high temperatures) allows a reduction in processing time and lower energy use, thus optimizing the production process. A sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solution for gold chain making.

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