ABSOLUTE, The Suede Revolution: with Gruppo Mastrotto, suede looks to sustainable luxury




Gruppo Mastrotto chooses the stage of Lineapelle, scheduled to take place in Rho Fiera Milano from September 19th to 21st, to present a preview of the result of its commitment to innovation and sustainability, which have always been considered two central drivers for its industrial development.


From the combination of these two elements comes ABSOLUTE - The Suede Revolution: an exclusive product that expresses elegance and sophistication. This line, aimed at high-end footwear, is specially designed to differentiate itself from suede leathers on the market today, offering an experience that fascinates and engages from the first touch.


ABSOLUTE - The Suede Revolution integrates into the production process the recovery of shaving, a waste that originates during leather processing. From this residue, suitably transformed, an organic polymer is extracted that Gruppo Mastrotto has decided to valorize. A perfect example of circular economy that is realized in a leather with exclusive characteristics: saturated and intense colors, a soft and full hand and a silky feel.


ABSOLUTE - The Suede Revolution thus changes the paradigms of suede, providing luxury footwear with a material with a high content of sustainability, capable of ennobling a production waste according to an upcycling logic and with a 95% renewability rate (as per U.S.D.A. certification issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture). An uncompromising product, available in 12 colors with unique vibrancy and brilliance that give the leather a special chromatic depth. The choice ranges from the most classic and refined shades to the boldest and most contemporary hues, allowing every stylist and designer to express their creativity to the fullest.


At the base of ABSOLUTE - The Suede Revolution is first and foremost a first-rate material from leathers of European origin. A careful selection that makes it an elite product dedicated to the world of luxury. The end result is a leather that enchants the senses and delivers enveloping comfort, elevating the tactile experience to new levels.


"With this article," comments Group President and CEO Chiara Mastrotto, "we wanted to demonstrate with facts that luxury and sustainability can and must coexist, without making any compromises on product quality or design. ABSOLUTE, with its perfect combination of beauty, comfort and environmental responsibility, is a concrete testimony of this and sets new standards for this type of product, providing the great fashion houses with a new tool.


The novelties Gruppo Mastrotto presents at the fair do not stop there. Gruppo Mastrotto Express, the world's largest logistics hub for ready-to-deliver leathers, offers companies and designers three new collections: Clary, an elegant, semi-gloss, nappa-look lining available in 13 colors for footwear and leather goods; Power and Power Metal Free, linings with high technical performance, matte look and high resistance to aging, designed for the footwear world and available in 6 colors.


All three new lines feature antibacterial and antiviral properties, thanks to the innovative permanent patented treatment capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the surface of the leather; they are also Carbon Neutral for Scope 1 and 2 emissions (like all items in the Gruppo Mastrotto Express prompt delivery service), up to 75% renewable and produced with LWG Gold Rated certified process with 85% traceability. Closing the circle of novelties, the new Fall/Winter 24-25 collection features Core items, elegant and timeless, and Blending, creative and glamorous. The color shades presented for the new season range from Mystery, a brown featuring a hint of pink, to Dharby red; from Halo pearl gray to Escape blue.


"The novelties we are presenting at the Fair this year," Chiara Mastrotto continues, "on the one hand confirm the commitment of our Sustainability Journey, a journey that has already passed through the presentation of three Sustainability Reports, a mirror of the actions taken over the years by Gruppo Mastrotto to achieve those Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability goals promoted by the European Union, and on the other hand that attitude to product and process innovation that has always characterized us and allowed us to grow to become one of the reference companies globally. In this way we contribute to ensuring that the Made in Italy fashion supply chain continues to be the international model to be inspired by, in the conviction that it is possible and necessary to continue to innovate, but according to a logic of ever greater sustainability."




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