Italfimet P4600®, the Italian patent for galvanic coating of pure palladium



A new process for the deposition of galvanic carryover of "pure palladium." It was invented by Italfimet, which is directing constant investment in research and development activities aimed at creating new chemical treatments to serve the production of jewelry and metal accessories of companies in the fashion, goldsmithing and costume jewelry sectors. Among the most recent innovations is the Italian patent for "pure palladium," called Italfimet P4600®, which represents a revolutionary process in terms of eco-sustainability, worker safety, buyer health protection and quality standards.


Traditional galvanic treatments so far involved the use of alloys of palladium together with other metals such as nickel, cobalt or iron with a combination that guaranteed jewelry and accessories with high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, while now it is possible to achieve the same performance using palladium alone. The advantages of the P4600® process are the homogeneity of the galvanic coating, the higher brilliance compared to other palladium alloys in use, and, most importantly, the total absence of cyanide and ammonia that are hazardous to the operator and the environment. In fact, the environmentally friendly formulation contains atmospheric emissions, reduces health risks to workers and limits operating costs. Finally, tests have shown that the pure palladium layer denotes greater compactness and strength standards comparable to alloy baths currently on the market.





The performance guaranteed by this galvanic treatment can be further sustained through the use of current rectifiers developed by Italfimet's own Electroplating division. This includes, for example, the patented RAEP® anti-metal waste system, which reduces the natural waste of precious metals in the production cycle and defects in the final product due to the areas of high and low current density within traditional galvanic frames. The RAEP®'s coupling of rectifiers and anodes configures an innovative deposition system that cuts and redistributes current evenly to different areas inside and outside the frame, allowing for greater uniformity in metal accumulation combined with less wastage, lower costs, and higher final quality of individual accessories.

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