Studio Auriga and creativity: the unbreakable bond that speaks to technology




Embroidery is experiencing a genuine moment of glory in the fashion, interior and automotive worlds thanks to the remarkable comeback of embroidered accessories in the luxury sphere. Thanks to embroidery's unparalleled ability to convey a feeling of exclusivity and craftsmanship, this age-old artisanal tradition is indeed back in the spotlight of luxury trends. Just look at the catwalks, design weeks or motor shows!

The refined and sophisticated aesthetics, which only embroidery can offer, can now count on an unparalleled ally, which makes tandem with creativity: technology. Indeed, there are now machines, which were once a dream, that have opened up new scenarios in the field of processing and decoration, thanks to extremely high-performance all-in-one solutions. Think, for example, of the revolutionary Tajima PAX, which makes it possible to simultaneously perform complex operations-such as drilling, stitching and embroidery-even on leather, synthetics and upholstery. In addition, this machine can also work with two synchronized heads, thanks to sophisticated software: a punching machine that cuts and punches any type of material and a sturdy embroidery head. A mirage, which today thanks to technology has become a reality.







This is just one example. Since I founded Studio Auriga, now 65 years ago, values such as passion, quality and attention to detail have always been the driving force behind all our activities and are cherished and handed down, day after day, to future generations. What I have strived to transfer, even in the small things, has been a way of thinking based on a constant search for excellence from both a technical and human point of view. And that is what I tell in the "Gregotti Diary": a real diary (click here to read it) where I trace the evolution of embroidery through my field experience and ironic anecdotes.


 I am certainly biased, but I love industrial embroidery. When a brand or an embroiderer comes to us and asks us to work together on the creation of a new project-whether it involves making or customizing a piece of machinery, or a workshop to achieve a particular effect-my eyes still shine: it represents an opportunity for me and for us to push the boundaries of the ordinary and the solutions already explored. Innovation is a primary goal, shared by the company, collaborators, suppliers and customers, and is based on unceasing teamwork in which experimentation and research lead to the development of novel reworkings. We look forward to seeing you, on the website and in the showroom.

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