Carlo Goggioli e Simone Ferravante – Azimut: wealth management, investment banking, and fintech



Azimut is an independent group with a global dimension that offers its clients specialised consultancy in wealth management, investment banking, and fintech.


The Azimut group has recently risen to prominence for having assisted in the founding of the Florence Group in 2020, a Tuscan holding company that currently includes no less than twenty-six top companies in the fashion manufacturing sector. Specifically, the curators of this project are the Azimut group’s two expert financial advisors Carlo Goggioli and Simone Ferravante: «Our role as corporate finance and project financing consultants is to stimulate the entrepreneur - says Carlo Goggioli - Sector analyses say that 80% of Italian SMEs are family-run and that Florence-style aggregation projects are the solution for them to have a sustainable future».


The group offers meticulous and customised assistance in all aspects: «We have all the necessary services as an integrated family office-style platform in-house to follow the development of companies from the start-up phase - Goggioli continues». «We are atypical financial advisors - concludes Simone Ferravante - For us, the technical side is as important as the relational and emotional side: the world of private equity can be very unempathetic, so when what can be the “operation of a lifetime” for entrepreneurs, we guide them through all the stages of the sale up to the day after the signing at the notary’s office».

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