Faeda: A world-leading company in the production of leather varnished and full-grain leathers




In a world where sustainability has become an unavoidable responsibility, Faeda emerges as a compounder that harmonizes the tanning industry with the environment. With great pride, the company has received product certification for low environmental impact leathers, meeting the UNI11427:2015 standard, a true green seal issued by ICEC. This recognition places them at the forefront, as they are reshaping the landscape of the tanning industry, enriching it with increasingly eco-friendly shades.


Ecological leather is not a myth, but a reality that lives and breathes in Faeda's laboratories, where every aspect of the production process has been scrutinized, optimized and reinvented. The use of chemicals, water consumption, air emissions, waste management, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy have become daily mantras.

Faeda achieved this important milestone on two families of chromium-free items, a powerful symbol of their commitment to the green revolution. But they have not stopped there. This certification is a gold medal, but also an incentive to run even faster toward new sustainability goals.


At Faeda, they see every challenge as an opportunity, every obstacle as a step toward a better future. Certification is proof that the future is not something we wait for, but something we are creating, one day at a time, one product at a time, one gesture at a time. Faeda, is not just a place to work, but a world to love, respect and protect.



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