Legor and the philosophy of "Less is More"




Fashion accessories must also "pass exams." Indeed, it is necessary that they meet specific standards that guarantee their performance in terms of resistance to tarnish (oxidation) and abrasion. Especially accessories used in the luxury industry must meet specific characteristics that guarantee their quality and durability.When one thinks of the fashion industry, electroplating is not the first aspect that comes to mind, but its role is crucial. This is where the work of Legor, an international point of reference for the science of precious metals serving the gold and silver and fashion industries, comes in.


The performance of metal accessories, then, is governed by precise standards, requiring galvanic coatings characterized by the presence of precious metal within them. Examples include resistance to synthetic sweat (regulated by NF S 80-772), resistance to moist heat (UNI EN ISO 4611 standard) and resistance to the Turbula abrasion test (ISO 23160). Thanks to electroplating, using precious materials such as gold, palladium, rhodium and ruthenium, coatings with higher abrasion and corrosion resistance characteristics can be obtained.


In order to comply with the standards, it is therefore possible to move in two directions: the first option involves using thick precious metal deposits; the second is to resort to coating while maintaining lower precious metal thicknesses. Whichever choice is made (because it must obviously be taken into account that precious metals contribute to raising the final cost of the product), and with the same performance, Legor guarantees passing the tests through galvanic cycles with a reduced amount of precious metal in both cases. In the former case, a thickness saving of 30 percent is also guaranteed.

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