Reliability, quality and sustainability: the three drivers of Cam.Pel.




At Cam.Pel. We believe strongly in social engagement. Investing in solutions for our society's problems is a win-win situation.


Take, for example, a company's investment in the training of prospective college and university graduates when they are about to complete their education.


The company conducting the training will find potential employees who already know the reality, the methodologies used, the art, the work ethic, and the brand mission. He will only need to be consolidated; on the other hand, the students will never find themselves confused and lost once they complete the training cycle with an extremely greater chance of employment.


Another social commitment that is becoming increasingly essential is that of environmental sustainability. If we want current and future generations to live in a world without environmental issues, it is incumbent on companies to invest in the green economy.

Carbon Neutral projects, of reducing the pollution of our planet, can really make a difference.


If all companies started making a social commitment we could really make our society a better place. This is why, in its own small way, Cam.Pel. has decided to invest in both education and sustainability.


In the case of the former, it has initiated collaborations with schools so as to train the workers of tomorrow is not to leave them alone at a delicate time; in the case of sustainability, on the other hand, it has committed itself to receiving important certifications to protect the environment and to actually come up with a carbon neutral project.


This is obviously just a tiny step that by itself will do little, and that is why we expect to be followed in our mission and vision by other companies. Meanwhile, we are already thinking of new projects to continue our work and make a substantial contribution to the society around us.

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