Exotic passion: brands focus on crocodile and ostrich




The fashion world is reporting a return to the production of accessories in exotic leathers. This is the perception of Studiopelle, a Florentine company specializing in the handcrafted production of leather belts for women and men that collaborates with prestigious names in international fashion. While some major brands, in the past few years, had announced that they were abandoning the use of exotic leathers, other brands have, on the contrary, expanded their use in their collections.

After all, the exotic is the "diamond" of the leather goods industry. It is the "real" luxury that not all companies are able to manage or work with: high craftsmanship skills are needed, such as those of Studiopelle. "In the last two seasons," Andrea Saccardi explains, "luxury brands have returned to demand for products made with exotic leathers, particularly crocodile and ostrich, both shiny and nubucked. These are materials that contribute to strengthening the exclusivity of brands because accessories made precisely with these materials represent the emblem of high quality and luxury."


A comeback that has coincided with the exit from the pandemic. "This process of rapprochement to the exotic began with the exit from Covid and is continuing, particularly for men's collections," Saccardi adds. "A trend that goes hand in hand with the gradual return of the brands toward a classic and elegant line that in the collections has taken the place of the streetwear that has been rampant in recent years. A signal to be interpreted as a return to the origins and as the desire to identify oneself in a niche, that of extra luxury, which finds in rarity and exclusivity its distinctive feature."


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