Faster printing and better colors with LED and UV ink machines




A four-color printing service capable of combining a more faithful color rendering with reduced drying times; for a qualitatively better final result. Proposing it is Litografia Eurograf of Sant'Elpidio a Mare (FM). "This is printing with UV inks with led drying," explains company owner Andrea Vallesi, "an evolved version of classic four-color printing. The difference is the machine that dries the color instantly, unlike standard models with which it is necessary to wait several days." The time for brochures or magazines, which have two sides to be printed, is reduced to a minimum with this method, and even subsequent processing (folding, hot stamping) can be done immediately.

This type of processing also allows faster printing on usoman paper, a substrate that usually over days tends to absorb color, which thus loses its luster. "The color fixed immediately remains sharper and brighter," Vallesi explains. "In addition, led-drying inks make it possible to print on dark papers, a process that until a few years ago was almost impossible except through long and expensive processes such as screen printing: today it can be done with excellent value for money. We also get beautiful jobs by printing white: with a normal machine, printing on black paper progressively turns gray instead."

Eurograf is one of the few companies to be equipped with the latest version of this technology, which has been on the market for about ten years. "The machine," Vallesi explains, "has a led lamp: the UV inks pass under the led light, which dries them instantly. Previously, the machines, in order to achieve this result, had to work at high temperatures and left a very strong odor; in this case the odor is almost imperceptible, which makes this printing also excellent for the packaging of particular products. We are currently exploiting it a lot in the perfume and cosmetics sector, but there is no limit to its use and it can be used for both small and large runs."

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