Papini Lido: The tradition continues





Leatherworkers for three generations, innovation has always been a goal for the company, because in an ever-changing world keeping up with the times is essential. Precisely for this reason, a few years ago they invested in an automated cutting station that, while adhering to high quality standards, allows them to cut a wide variety of leathers and synthetic materials. Its use has increased business productivity, versatility and efficiency, as well as helped them drastically reduce time and costs.


An added value of this machinery is that it is not only limited to cutting, but is also capable of printing paper patterns: in this way, also thanks to a CAD workstation, it was possible for them to set up a small in-house pattern shop, which makes them autonomous and independent from the point of view of any corrections or changes to be made to the various models. The 'most recent investment, aimed at expanding the range of services, was the purchase of an electronic single-needle programmed stitching cycle machine. This, in addition to decimating the timeframe of a classic stitching operation, gives the possibility of doing special processing, such as embroidery and application of multiple pieces in series.



Speed and quality often do not travel on the same track, but in this machine one does not exclude the other. The investment, central to the company, is not only on the technological side, but also on the human side, with the hiring and training of personnel to operate these new machines.


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