Greenfinish: leather finishing gets sustainable




A system designed to respect the environment and integrate with the trend toward sustainability that characterizes the fashion industry. The Greenfinish release paper line from Gemata, a leading leather finishing company, was created with this goal in mind. "In the era of the search for zero impact, the reduction of consumption in fashion chains," explain the company, "we wanted to respond to the needs of sustainability with an approach that tends to minimize the effects on the environment.
And Greenfinish does this on several fronts, revolutionizing finishing with release paper thanks to the Greenstars roller coater.


This deposits the adhesive directly onto the leathers: the use of the roller coating machine (instead of the spray booth) combined with the infrared ovens used to fix the film provides economic, technical and ecological benefits. In addition to allowing for more uniform coverage effects and a very broad pattern type, as release paper is distributed by different suppliers.







"It is a nonenergy-consuming system," they add from the company, "the use of the roller eliminates the phenomenon of over-spray by zeroing out emissions into the atmosphere, while the use of release paper, guaranteeing higher shear rate, reduces waste. In addition, the roller is reusable up to 70/80 times. What's more, infrared ovens, in addition to eliminating the consumption typical of steam and oil boilers, are equipped with a standby system that turns off the lamps in the absence of skins, minimizing energy consumption."


A technology declined in five models-Greenfinish No Stop, Short, Sample, Lab and Hybrid (which includes an integration for finishing fabric bobbins)-used for footwear and leather goods, now ready for a new leap. "We are developing a project dedicated to automotive," they conclude, "a new step for the future of this technology that is yielding excellent results. In fact, the official launch was held during the February 2020 edition of Simac Tanning Tech and, except for the first Covid period that 'froze' the whole industry, the novelty is exported and appreciated internationally.

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