New scenarios of ChimontGroup's "green" chemistry




For more than six years, the flagship of ChimontGroup and its flagship product at an international level has been the “Layertech” finishing technology, which has economically and efficiently solved the problem of raw hide defects, also reducing the use of water and chemicals.

The result of years of applied research, experimentation and studies on innovative materials, Layertech is a completely new product from a conceptual point of view: it creates a surface with reduced and uniform absorption, ready for finishing. The main advantages are the upgrade of the leather selection, the reduction of costs and production times, the naturalness and repeatability of the articles, the environmental sustainability.


Layertech is a very thin multilayer polymeric gel with a low melting point, dermomimetic and ecological, spread on a polyester film, supplied in reels (width from 90 to 300 cm) ready for use and is applied in the first finishing phase on the crust leather. The layers of gel that make up Layertech (all substances compliant with the REACH regulation) are activated only thanks to heat and, therefore, neither solvents, nor water or other liquids are needed. Applicable on full-grain, filled and/or buffed leathers as well as splits, the Layertech range is suitable for any intended use: footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture, automotive and sole leather. It is produced with different chemical formulations and different degrees of transparency and coverage in order to obtain the best possible effect, depending on the leather used and the objective to be achieved. With Layertech, each company can thus maintain its own production identity, differentiating its leather from that of its competitors.

Last but not least, among the clear advantages of this technology and at the basis of its success, there is the simplicity of application, zero fumes and zero waste water and no water consumption, as well as an enormous saving of time: a machine is sufficient hot roller with temperatures between 105°C and 140°C, one operator at the entrance for inserting the leather plus one at the exit and the leather is ready for the final finishing stage. At this point in the process, the skills of the technician once again make the difference, because he can personalize the leather and give it further value with additional finishes.

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