For Legor, the splendor of jewelry comes through sustainability




More and more, technology and research at the service of the jewelry world are focusing on innovation, certifications and attention to the environment. With this in mind, we can "read" the 2023 novelties from Legor, a company that since 1979 has specialized in metallurgy and chemistry for the production of jewelry and fashion accessories and is internationally known for alloys and galvanic solutions with precious and non-precious metals from responsible and certified recycled sources.


Among the flagship 2023 innovations offered by the Bressanvido (VI) company are Rhodiens, a new galvanic process composed of 100 percent Rhodium and Platinum from recycled sources, perfect for applications that give jewelry and watches a fabulous bright white finish with very high resistance to oxidation. In more technical terms, Rhodiens is an electroplating process that allows for shiny finish deposits of an alloy composed of Rhodium and Platinum, with carefully selected and verified quality. Due to its aesthetic and chemical/physical characteristics, this is an excellent alternative to both a classic rhodium plating and a platinum plating, i.e., as a final layer for a white coloring. It is easy for the operator to handle, is ideal for small baths and has a higher degree of brightness than, for example, pure Palladium.


Anticipating trends in the fashion world and relentlessly pursuing research and development, Legor presents a wide range of electroplating solutions with excellent performance and ease of use to best meet the needs of manufacturers worldwide. With a view to environmental sustainability and social ethics, since 2021 Legor has also been able to guarantee the integrity of its production chain, to document every single step as well as the use of precious metals sourced in their entirety from recycled sources through Provenance Claim statement the RJC - Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody certification. 


In addition, Legor is now able to guarantee that, for products within the UNI EN ISO 14021:2021 certification obtained in October 2022, even the non-precious metals (Silicon, Tin, Indium, Cobalt, Gallium, Germanium and Copper) are 100% from recycled sources.

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