Superlative Leather: the innovative mother-of-pearl material that will chart new directions in the world of Fashion




Directly from the pearl industry, or rather from the supply chain related to integrated, zero-waste mother-of-pearl, comes a new eco-sustainable material with a dramatic aesthetic impact, destined to revolutionize the leather goods and footwear supply chain. The intuition comes from BerBrand, a Brescia-based company specializing in buttons and fashion accessories made of real mother-of-pearl, which gave birth to the spin-off Superlativa®, a reality that, thanks to investments in R&D, innovation and maximum attention to the environment, has patented a series of innovative and eco-friendy processes for weaving mother-of-pearl. Superlativa® is a 400-micron (equal to 0.4 millimeters) microfilm, which can be used in various industries in the extra-luxury segment, from watchmaking to marine, from furniture to automotive. Among the latest industrial privatisations is Superlativa® Leather, designed specifically for the Haute Couture supply chain: an innovative mother-of-pearl weave that is proposed as an alternative to exotic high-end leather and offers top brands the possibility of creating a complete collection or embellishing, with the use of inserts, a wide range of accessories, such as bags, belts and wallets.


From a technical point of view, Superlativa® Leather has passed the main performance tests required by the Fashion industry. "This innovative product maintains the extraordinary natural characteristics of pearl, such as its unparalleled iridescence and texture, amplifying its orient and giving an unexpected flexibility," indicates Emanuele Bertoli, CEO of the company. Superlativa® Leather generates the same emotion as mother-of-pearl in terms of reflected light, three-dimensionality and depth and also has a very wide color chart. Thanks to the multiplicity of aesthetic and technical solutions offered, designers can express themselves in new directions hitherto unimaginable."


Superlativa® has achieved the highest level of circularity, traceability and sustainability at both product and supply chain levels: it comes from organic and up-cycle supply chains, is zero waste and has a negative carbon footprint, meeting the needs of the most demanding consumers.
"Thanks to the collaboration with the Genoa Aquarium Foundation, we have also obtained Ecocrest certification, which demonstrates the sustainability of our product, from the cultivation of mother-of-pearl in Indonesia to the finished product," continues Emanuele Bertoli. Ecocrest is the first trust mark that certifies materials and products of aquatic origin from eco-sustainable and ethically correct supply chains, through strict controls, carried out annually, by the experts of the Genoa Aquarium Foundation on each product and production plant."

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