Furla and Cyclica together create Italy's first biodegradable bag





We told you about it in June 2022, and now Oleum®, the brand that identifies the line of biodegradable leathers produced by the company Cyclica of Stra (VE), has risen to international prominence thanks to a line of limited edition bags with Furla.


Unica Furla Earth Limited Edition, a reinterpretation of a minimalist classic from the 1990s, is the first Made in Italy bag in biodegradable leather and is made in synergy with Cyclica, which patented the new technology. Oleum® hides come from traceable European farms, are destined for the food industry and are vegetable tanned using waste water from oil production, avoiding the use of chromium, aldehydes or glyphosate. The leather derived is metal free and non-toxic to the environment as well as 98% biodegradable in 3 months as per LWG Made in Italy certification. The dyes are of direct organic derivation that originates from components such as corn, spirulina, bark, chlorophyll and fern and are the basis of a preparation process that does not use synthetic agents or heavy metals. Subsequently, natural elements such as beeswax or special salts used for finishing give the product performance comparable to that achieved by traditional processing.


Unica Furla Earth Limited Edition knows how to tell the essential and architectural DNA of the brand thanks to a maxi or medium shoulder bag with attention to every detail, such as the metal swivel closure with the stylized logo and the macro-lettering imprinted on the bottom. The testimonial of this biocircular leather goods project is Irina Shayk, world-renowned supermodel, in a storytelling told through the lens of photographer Koto Bolofo, celebrating a contemporary elegance made of craftsmanship and respect for the environment.

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