System for Quality: the next big step in the evolution of EAM




EAM, a company specializing in metal polishing and consulting for fashion accessory processing, is a company that is constantly evolving. An evolution that involves people, facilities and workflows.


Acquisition of new space, renovation of working environments, and investment in high technology, such as Vibration 4.0 equipment and DryLyte electro-polishing technology, have marked important milestones in the company's development over the past three years. A big goal for 2023 is to obtain ISO 9001 certification, which, by focusing on customer satisfaction, goes to strengthen the process of work reorganization and human resources development already begun.


Marco Trapani Administrator of EAM defines the meaning of UNI ISO 9001 this way "The real value of UNI ISO 9001 is the path we will all take together so that the company is better organized, communication is more effective and people have clear roles in which they feel they can best express themselves and grow personally and professionally. If we achieve this, quality for the customer will be a natural consequence." The path to UNI ISO 9001 began in January this year with the goal of providing the customer with a high and sustainable quality standard through monitoring, control and continuous improvement of the various management and processing flows and processes.


All business functions are involved in the project. Guided by specialized consultants, the different T.EAMs will contribute to the mapping of workflows, the definition of objectives and strategies for improvement, and the drafting of procedures that meet the requirements for quality, but also the "nature" of the business and the real needs and expectations for business development. The path to Quality represents for every single function and person in the company a great opportunity for development and improvement. A path, in short, to co-create quality for the company and the customer, thanks to everyone's commitment and contribution.

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