Seven generations, the unique style of Amato Daniele




Coolest event. Milan Fashion Week, which with its busy calendar raises the curtain every year on new trends for the autumn/winter to come, has been staged in recent days.
The perfect setting in which Amato Daniele unveiled the AW 2023/24 collection, a tribute to the generations that have succeeded one another at the helm of the company. A line declined in seven archival models and as many colors, dedicated to the style of each creative director. With his hyper-constructed models, some dredged up from the historical archive others brand new, the designer tells a bit of his family history.


Materials range from satin, velvet and calfskin to exotic leathers such as lizard and shiny alligator. The color palette ranges from neutrals, black and sienna, to bright sea green, royal blue and bougainvillea purple, to warm red and fuchsia. The collection also deepens the study of proportions, expanding the capsule of micro bags with a "mini" version of the Queen Round model. Complementing it is a nod to the long business relationship with the East: a series of beautiful Japanese Obi, the sashes used to close the kimono, transformed into embroidered clutch bags.

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