“Le bal des Folles” by Mario Dice





"Le bal des Folles". Designer Mario Dice showcases Made in Italy in its highest expression of craftsmanship and excellence.


Sexy, sophisticated, up-to-date. Mario Dice is inspired by the novel by Victoria Mas and focuses his interest on one of the coercive methods used by male power to repress any vague aspiration for independence on the part of women. A denunciation of the female condition in the late 1800s in France and throughout Europe. Predominant color of the collection li black, as an expression of the bitterness of that condition, which nevertheless leaves glimmers of light in the colors of wisteria and white and allows viewers to draw breath. The brutal coercive methods that see their expression in the use of straitjackets are reinterpreted by the designer to enhance the female silhouette and delicately envelop it with weaves of the finest leather and crystal-embellished fabrics, as if to become its source of strength and protection.


The F/W 23-24 collection finds its ideal setting at the Service Center of Fiera Milano Rho where, in an unprecedented, metaphysical and timeless location, the models will move within a garden enclosed by glass windows, leaving those looking out as a voyeuristic and dreamlike showcase. The designer's choice is to want to catapult the viewer into a surreal atmosphere, as if to make the audience relive a kind of coercion to sit as passive spectators and wait; the same coercion of people forced to live trapped in a condition that is difficult to understand, to share, and that often still leads to marginalization due to repression and superficiality. The models move within a natural space suspended between dream and reality, as if they were vulnerable and helpless, forced into the fear and uncertainty of those who are forcibly locked up, not only in a physical place but in a place of the soul and mind from which it is difficult to escape. All this is found in the use, as the "primary element" of the entire collection, of leather that expresses fragility in lasing, strength in weaving and embroidery. Thanks to Lineapelle, the collection comes from close collaboration with Made in Italy companies that specialize in extraordinary craftsmanship: leathers with a light hand like chiffon, lasering, weaving, embroidery, studding, crystals, pleating make each garment an example of how to make a system in the Italian supply chain.


Mario Dice
would like to thank


for the endless support


for laser and handmade embroideries


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