The luxury supply chain in full swing




A European luxury hub. ChimHaeres Investment Holding, a 50:50 joint venture created by the investment company Chimera Abu Dhabi and Haeres Capital, a private company managing companies in the luxury & lifestyle sectors, was founded with this aim. The holding company will work on the acquisition and development of luxury and lifestyle brands in Europe, with a focus on Italy, France, Switzerland and the UK. Only a few days after its creation, ChimHaeres has already secured the majority of the historic Zagato, the Italian coachbuilder and car designer, and 100% of the haute couture maison Vionnet. The agreement to acquire a majority stake in the Swiss tights brand Fogal was also signed. Haeres also gave ChimHaeres its majority stake in Borsalino.


But the Chimera/Haeres partnership is only the latest in a series of supply chain transactions. Only a few days earlier, the San Quirico of the Garrone and Mondini families, shareholders of Erg, acquired 75% of MinervaHub, the leading Italian group in the luxury accessories and finishes sector, led by Matteo Marzotto. The remaining 25% will be in the hands of Xenon with other co-investors.


These transactions come on the heels of dynamic weeks. At the end of March, Burberry took over the Pattern business unit, the area of the Turin factory dedicated to design and production for the British brand. Then Holding Moda, which in the middle of last month acquired a majority stake in Beste, a Tuscan company in Prato specialising in fabrics and luxury clothing.


And then the ongoing negotiations. The private equity company Permira seems to be interested in entering the capital of the Gruppo Florence and, according to Reuters and Sole 24 Ore, exclusive due diligence has already been started. If things go wrong with Permira, however, the study of other options is planned: after all, the objective of chairman Francesco Trapani is to expand the portfolio to 30 companies by the end of the year.

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