Masca Progetto Borsa: creating for and with the customer





With Marco Benzi we get to know the production of Masca Progetto Borsa, which makes bags and accessories designed specifically for clients. Founded in February 2012, the Bergamo-based company is the result of the will of three partners (Alessandra, Mirko and Marco, with great experience in the accessories sector) in order to found a project of their own and work on a product that expresses, whatever the target required, the taste and creativity that has made Made in Italy famous in the world.


How do you fit into the fabric of the Italian supply chain?


First of all, let me premise that we are exclusively aimed at the B2B market so we do not have our own branded products. We make and design products for a diverse range of clients who have us produce products to which they then affix their brand name. We are clearly 100 percent serving the needs of the client, but we act as true partners, interpreting-and sometimes anticipating-trends and suggesting the best solutions for a project. We are not an actual leather company, but leather is an important complementary material for us in product development. For example, we serve several clients for whom the predominance of creations is in fine fabrics such as high-end cottons and linens, in which leather is a finishing touch.


In your opinion, what is your strength?


Knowing how to skillfully turn a customer's project into reality, from sketch to pattern, from prototype and production: our flagship is in the painstaking care of the product, whether it is made in fine materials or in materials that are now all the rage such as so-called "vegan" leather. Basic, technical, trendy, eco-friendly fabrics: innovation and respect for the environment for us go hand in hand and lead us to a continuous search for fabrics and materials that follow these principles, therefore choosing suppliers who certify and guarantee the production chain.


What does the term "Made in Italy" mean to you?


Paraphrasing Michele Ferrero's maxim, "Quality is the highest form of respect for the customer," this can be defined as our corporate philosophy. A quality that translates into punctuality in meeting the customer's requirements, utmost precision and quick timelines. Our customers come to us asking for a product made in Italy, which we produce in-house. For us, quality is also flexibility: in our case it happens that customers need small quantities but very repetitive and concentrated in time. Made in Italy is thus a 360-degree value-added service. Clearly, quality in terms of raw materials and accurate processing cannot go without constant and continuous control. Our laboratories and production are located in Italy so as to allow us direct control of all stages, we can actively plan and manage with flexibility and precision the demands of small or large productions. We follow and accompany our suppliers in all stages of processing, so we directly protect a supply chain exclusively made in Italy.


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