Stop in Florence for LVMH's 'You and ME', over 1000 career opportunities


A travelling event to discover the Métiers d'Excellence, in search of new talents ready to enter the world of savoir-faire. A stop in Florence for LVMH's "You and ME" tour: landed in Italy with the first event in the Tuscan capital today and tomorrow, 14 and 15 April, at Palazzo Pucci (via de' Pucci 2, Florence), it offers over 1,000 training and work opportunities in 2023 within the Group's Métiers d'Excellence in Italy. The aim is to preserve the Italian crafts, mainly artisanal, that make the Maisons great.

After two successful editions in France in 2022 and 2023, the event continues in three Italian cities between 14 April and 29 September. In fact, after Florence, it will be the turn of two other beating hearts of the Group's Maison manufactures: Novara on 26 May and Padua on 29 September.

"In Italy, our crafts linked to unique savoir-faire are looking for new talent. From leather goods, jewellery and footwear to retail, hotel and catering," said Chantal Gaemperle, Human Resources and Synergies Director of the LVMH Group. "It is essential to ensure the transmission of these professions that make 'Made in Italy' unique worldwide.

"You and ME" allows participants to learn about more than 280 LVMH Group professions and apply for the more than 1,000 training and/or job opportunities available in Italy in 2023 including study/work programmes, internships, fixed-term and permanent contracts. The events are open to both young high school students and the general public, as well as anyone interested in the Métiers d'Excellence and the training and work opportunities offered by the LVMH Group. Short interviews will also be possible.

On the dedicated website it is possible to register for one of the events of the "You and ME" tour in Italy (section Events). Under the 'Career and Opportunities' section, you can also view the more than 1,000 training and job offers. Timetable: from 9 a.m. to 12 noon for schools; from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free admission, possibility to pre-register in 2-hour slots.


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