A commitment to future generations for Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale





The future has to be built from the present time through well-defined field choices. And it is precisely the generations of tomorrow that Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale has kept in mind through its certification journey. Founded in 1980, the company based in Sant'Elpidio (FM) specializes in the lamination of leather, faux leather, fabrics of various types and high quality for the world of clothing, leather goods, footwear, furniture and automotive. Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale has always turned its attention to improving the quality of business management and customer satisfaction, commitment to environmental protection, and focus on the quality of life and work of employees. Through concrete actions, the company has thus obtained a number of important certifications, a recognition of its daily commitment to its work and, at the same time, further motivation to act with full respect for man and nature for the future of all.


In January 2018, the accreditation body Accredia awarded the company ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is an important first step that attests to the achievement of all the requirements that the company must meet to ensure the quality standards of its product, the service provided to its customers and the level of satisfaction achieved by them. The process followed by the certification body went through every aspect of the company's management system, and the comprehensive process verified the company's adherence to international organizational standards. The parameters that Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale amply met in order to achieve this result are customer orientation, corporate leadership, involvement of people and management of internal and external relations, the right approach to business and production processes with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.






The improvement process then continued by achieving other important milestones. In January 2022, in fact, they also obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification, awarded by Bureau Veritas (a body accredited by Accredia). The certification attests to the company's growing commitment to reducing the impact of its production activities on the environment as much as possible. The company, in fact, adopts production policies aimed at preventing and containing pollution, safeguarding the environment in full compliance with the always up-to-date national, EU and international regulations as well as adopting an Environmental Management System that identifies impacts and risks and responds with incremental opportunities for improvement. It is a process that ties the company's growth with its concern for the environment around it in a double thread.


Firmly convinced in giving new life to their production through recycling, in 2022 Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale obtained another important certification, issued this time by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification ICEA. This is the GRS - Global Recycle Standard - which certifies manufacturing activities and processes aimed at making products at least 50 percent obtained from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials. These materials are then used either for the manufacture of intermediate products then further processed or for finished products. Promoted by Textile Exchange, a nonprofit organization that internationally promotes responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector, this certification offers further luster to the company as it enhances an increasingly sustainable production model that focuses on making products that are the result of a "second life," thus radically reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials, water and energy resources. An important goal, therefore, that brings Samuel Accoppiatura Sartoriale to be a performing and competitive reality both from the point of view of the quality of the product made and the high standard marked by sustainability: from the reduction of chemical products to the respect for the environment between energy recovery and attention to water supply or waste disposal, from the reduction of emissions and polluting waste to the respect and protection of every right of workers and their quality of life and work. In addition, the company is taking all the necessary steps for the award of another important certification: the ISO 45001:2018. This is the international standard that sets minimum standards of good practice for worker protection worldwide and establishes steps to improve safety, reduce risks in the workplace, and improve the health and welfare of workers, thus enabling increased health and safety performance for any organization that chooses to certify under accreditation its management system. 




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