Node, design becomes a metaphor for existence




A large "web of forms" structured according to the logic of the knot, a metaphor for the interweaving of existence. It will be presented during the upcoming Milano Design Week, as a finalist in the RoPlasticPrize23 competition curated by Rossana Orlandi Gallery, the artistic research project Nodo, born from the dialogue between two creative artists, Giuditta Vettese and Marilù Lembo, and of which Serena Cecchini Design is a sponsor. A textile and hybrid sculpture, 4.5 m long and 1.5 m wide, built by recycling hundreds of meters of ropes left unsold in the warehouse.


"It sits at the intersection of design, set design, sculpture and does not seek precise disciplinary definitions, explain the two creatives. It was born with stubbornness from the coming together of hundreds of meters of ropes, circles commissioned from a blacksmith, many hours of physical work with four hands, intimate conversations born as if around a hearth, from an obsessive weaving to the point of transection."


It took six months of to bring to life this work that embodies slowness, improvisation, weave and drive. An ongoing variation on the theme of the knot as the primal form of all relationship and interweaving. An object with architectural dimensions, composed of four suspended metal rings, on which recycled cotton, faux leather, satin, polyester, jute, chenille and plastic ropes are woven. "Laces, strings, tails, in short, threads reminiscent of those with which humors and functions are connected in our own bodies," Vettese and Lembo add, "that is, veins, arteries, neurons, muscle bundles, connective tissue laces, star cells or ending with branches and knots. That is how this umpteenth tower of Babel has grown."




Project by Giuditta Vettese + Marilù Lembo 


Photo Marta Marinotti 

Hosting institution Via Farini 

Sponsor Bancinastri, Serena Cecchini Design

In collaboration with Marsèll and Oh Carlax

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