Synergy for Leathergoods





Different problems and needs arise every day within the leather industry. Thus, from a customer request and the change that has occurred in the leather goods industry in recent years to offer increasingly competent and coordinated professionalism among multiple companies, SYNERGY FOR LEATHERGOODS was born in 2021. And Synergy for Leathergoods is precisely the title that will represent this movement of continuous synergy for leathergoods and which was born as an eco-sustainable problem solver of this sector. With needs and questions going hand in hand, here is the Synergy created between various companies in the leather sector, making themselves rich in their own experience and know-how, aiming to find solutions, focusing on Made in Italy quality, possible solutions, innovations and sustainability. From comparison and diversity come super innovative ideas, and this is the key to a company's success: to be competitive.


How can one be? By staying on the ground, listening to needs and dedicating the most precious thing you have: your time.


The strength of Synergy for Leathergoods is to maintain one's traditions of the home territory, to go out to meet the needs of the end customer by starting with the comparison with both the territory and the other companies that are partners in the project. The 8 partners of the initiative, Del Vecchia Group, JUKI Italia SPA , A&E Gütermann, Groz-Beckert , FConn , Mastek , GIARDINI GROUP, Easysystem Software and Hardware Solutions, set out united by a common dream: to maintain their traditions with solid and concrete foundations and, starting from their territories of origin make Italy a huge HUB of innovation in leathergoods for the world. Thus, Del Vecchia Group and the partners, after a year of work, keep the word they had imposed on themselves last year, namely that of establishing a fixed annual appointment of Synergy for Leathergoods this year ready to relaunch with a new important appointment on May 4, 2023, right in Del Vecchia Group's headquarters in Lastra a Signa, a stone's throw from the manufacturing hub for luxury leather goods brands. 


The process method of the partner companies aims to improve the efficiency of production, touching the various stages of construction of a leather goods item, without ever sacrificing quality. Another step into the future of Made in Italy.

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