Beauty with a soul: the fascination of leather even bewitches the automotive industry




A car with a leather interior is the most sought-after thing one could wish for. It makes an accessory a part of one’s personality; it becomes an expression of the desire for exclusivity. This is why the automotive leather goods sector follows very precise rules and canons to make products that offer comfort and solidity but are also able to convey an image of refinement and elegance. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of luxury cars, including very elegant vintage models, have leather interiors. 


Rolls Royce and Bentley to sporty Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Leather is the most popular material to complete the look of a luxury car. Rolls Royce fits them on both models with more classic lines, such as the Phantom Series II, as well as on its luxurious Cullinan SUV. The subject of a recent restyling, the Phantom has its seats and dashboard completely upholstered in leather, not to mention that last year the Oribe version came out: a unique example with the interior (glove compartment included) made by the master artisans of Hermès.  


Not to be outdone is Bentley, which with its Continental GT Convertible offers the highest levels of luxury and performance: the interior is in leather, with a choice of five upholstery colours including Beluga, a rich, deep black, and Cricket Ball, a crimson red. After all, the use of leather in the construction of the brand’s cars is a true hallmark. Bentley is also the first brand in the automotive sector to join the Leather Working Group, an organisation whose task is to certify the quality of the leather used.


Bugatti has always been synonymous with exclusive cars often built on its customers’ desires. These are truly unique cars such as the Bugatti Centodieci whose interior is characterized by its central tunnel trim. Made entirely by hand, it embraces the Centodieci logo within a chequered pattern. Also dreamlike is the interior of the Bugatti Chiron Profilée: it never entered production, it was made in a single example with a woven leather finish on the central console, tunnel, and door panels. 


The Ferrari interiors have been designed by Poltrona Frau for years, starting with the F355 in 1996. The quality is such that all of Maranello's Tailor Made interiors are also embellished with its leather. The components, from the seats to the door panels, come from the company but the most important elements of this collaboration are the dashboards. For Ferrari, Poltrona Frau has more than 100 colour references available, with the most sought-after represented by black, red, and dark brown. 


With an eco-friendly objective, Lamborghini presented a collection of leather goods, carried out in collaboration with Cartiera, made from leather that cannot be used inside the cars due to small imperfections or dimensions. On the car customisation front, the possibilities are endless. Those who choose a Huracán or an Aventador, for example, have the option of choosing hand-stitched seat logos instead of embossed logos or opting for upholstery in precious semi-aniline Lambo Vintage leather enriched with effects.

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