February 21st – 23rd 2023, LINEAPELLE reaffirms its centrality for the international fashion, design, and automotive industries




Fulvia Bacchi, Lineapelle Managing Director. 


What can we expect for the February edition?


«The February edition promises to have a rich content. Over 1,000 exhibitors had already confirmed their participation by November 2022. We will therefore see a great variety of proposals for Summer 2024. The program of side events is also rich: special attention will be paid to emerging designers and their leather collections».  


Are there any anticipations concerning the Summer 2024 trends?


«The trends developed by the LINEAPELLE Committee are entitled “The eyes of others”: new art that redesigns magical places and, like a window on the world, gives us an insight into how we look at others and how others see us. A perceptual and emotional analysis of what is different from us, but for this reason seductive. The need to be surprised, to break out of what is already written. The need for vital and positive energy, colour as therapy, matter as a magical expression of the tactile world».  


How is the tanning sector going to end 2022? 


«Despite international geopolitical tensions and difficulties in the supply of certain raw materials, the first part of the year saw convincing and widespread upturns. Since June, the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have begun to make themselves felt, fuelling an inflationary trend that has shot up to rates we were no longer used to. The effect was heavy on the costs of energy, chemicals, purification, and, at the same time, clients and consumers plunged back into uncertainty. The greatest difficulties were experienced in upholstered goods, especially automotive, while high-end fashion held up well».

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