Breaking news: Lampa (White Bridge) acquires control of CDC srl, a company that produces chains for the fashion industry.


The pole headed by Lampa has as its reference shareholder the White Bridge Investments fund and today also includes the Obi Group, Forza Giovane, Conti e Vannelli and the Pf Group.


C.D.C.'s entry into the industrial project promoted by White Bridge Investments represents a further step in the creation of a one-stop-shop in the luxury accessories sector, which will enable it to satisfy customers with an increasing number of processes and products ranging from metal and plastic accessories, to the application of haute couture embroidery and, with this latest operation, the production of ornamental chains.


C.D.C. will continue to be led by Chiara Pezzatini, Andrea Pezzatini and Beatrice Parenti, who in turn will reinvest in the group, so as to combine the continuity of C.D.C.'s history and identity with the new phase of growth within the broader group project.


Marco Pinciroli, Chairman and CEO of White Bridge Investments, announced that the entry of C.D.C. into the group represents a fundamental step towards the creation of an integrated group in the segment of supplying luxury brands with accessories and components, with the aim of promptly responding to the needs of the fashion industry.


Andrea Pezzatini, Chairman of the Board of C.D.C., commented: 'We are thrilled to join forces with the other companies in the group. We have always worked to satisfy our customers' demands in the best possible way, and by joining this project we will be able to generate even more value, finally unleashing the full potential of C.D.C.'.


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