VicenzaOro - T.Gold 2023: Let's find out what's new at Legor Group Spa, from brand identity to new products



From January 20th to 24th, Legor Group Spa, a multinational group founded in Italy in 1979 that specializes in metallurgy and chemistry for the production of jewelry and fashion accessories, will be present at T.Gold, the international exhibition-held concurrently with VICENZAORO - to learn about the most innovative machinery and technologies applied to jewelry and precious metals.


"Legor Group Spa will be an active player and an exhibitor with many interesting novelties to present," explains Massimo Poliero, CEO Legor, "starting with the new corporate image, its own path of responsibility, innovative alloys and galvanic solutions from recycled sources, and the Legor 3D Metal Hub."


Legor has embarked on a path of change, and the first step was taken in relation to its brand identity, thanks to an image overhaul supported by the agency Carmi e Ubertis, which specializes in the creation and management of brand strategy and design. The visual of Legor's new brand identity is based on two main elements: the line and the use of overlapping images, for a minimal and fashion-oriented design. In this new concept, the line represents the union of Legor's two souls-chemistry and metallurgy-and connects the transformation of the subjects represented in the two levels of images, from the raw material to the finished object.


Speaking of its own path of responsibility, in 2023 Legor continues its run thanks to innovative value propositions: "In order to expand our offer," Massimo Poliero, CEO Legor, tells us again, "we have included next to the use of 100% precious metals from recycled sources, also the sourcing of some non-precious metals always coming entirely from recycled sources through UNI EN ISO 14021:2021 certification issued by third parties.
Other Legor products to keep an eye on in Vicenza are 950% Platinum alloys in ready-to-use drops for jewelry, Silver, Brass and Bronze ready-to-use alloys from recycled sources, Polaris, the new family of 925-title silver alloys, FLASHGOLD-EVO, the cyanide-free and nickel-free flash gold plating process, and finally, Rhodiens, the new Rhodium and Platinum based electroplating process. Concluding this preview is the much anticipated 3D Metal Hub: this is an innovative center aimed at the experimentation and production of precious and non-precious components through the revolutionary Binder Jet 3D Metal Printing technology.



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