Spring/Summer 2024 trends? Here's the dream as a new creative path



Spring/Summer 2024 trends? Here's the dream as a new creative path


With the trade show season just around the corner, Leather&Luxury had a chat with Desolina Suter, Fashion Director of Première Vision who gave us her insider's view on the trends for Spring/Summer 2024 between pragmatism and creativity, circularity and eco-responsibility, cultural values and focus on The New Creatives of Tomorrow.



Ms. Suter, what can we expect from the trends for the coming season?


"The Spring/Summer 24 season cultivates the complementarities between pragmatism and utopia. Projections toward a feasible and desirable future are based on expert know-how and a redefinition of our production methods with essential restraint. Dreaming and imagination are true engines of innovation, creation and development. The Spring-Summer 2024 season invites us to discover a plurality of responses, poised between realism and dream. A need emerges: that of allowing oneself to perceive alternative visions of reality.
Dreaming imposes itself as a new creative path. The attractive force of the range is amplified by its luminosity. This new radiance releases a stimulating energy and tenfold the power of color influence. Versatile shades, between melancholy and enchantment with sophisticated and elegant nuances.
The pull of colors is also brought by the generosity of additive-free hues. It is a silent and nurturing naturalness. But The color seems sacred of a magnetic intensity with powerful vibrations."


How does all this translate into the new materials?


"The S/S 24 fabrics are part of the continuous search for more sustainable solutions, in the choice of raw materials but also in more virtuous production models, this is one of the pluses of European and Italian manufacturing.
Mixed uses functional and urban, elegant, comfortable and adaptable, both for women and men, possible only through the mastery of know-how. The dominant aesthetic currents respond, on the one hand, to a positive approach to technological and digital innovation, for performance fabrics, attentive and "poetic" at the same time; on the other hand, to an approach rooted in original cultural and aesthetic values, where the authenticity of materials and weaving techniques "speak" of truth and quality."


What about leather as a raw material?


"Today the approach to sustainable development in leather is structured following a global approach . A profound change is taking place upstream in the industry involving all stages of leather processing along three axes: traceability, impact reduction and sustainability. 
When it comes to research for trends, how does it work? Can you give us an insider's perspective?


"Trend forecasting is the process of researching and formulating predictions about future consumer habits. One needs to be a sponge with a devouring, perpetual curiosity to identify sources of inspiration, track their evolution, and recognize patterns of trends to then be able to provide designers and brands with a 'vision' of the future. One has to work with one's intuition and talent to create a synthesis of all this process in order to be able to intercept the products and services that consumers will want tomorrow."


Première Vision and schools: is there a division of yours dedicated to new creatives? Does part of the research include working with the creatives of tomorrow? 


"The future is always to be built, the young generation to be conquered and trained. Première Vision organizes lectures and seminars mainly in different schools in France and on some occasions abroad. This allows us to build a network that over time will be our target audience with the desire to share and transmit our experience with them. We also partner with the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories in Hyères with the Grand Prix of the jury Première Vision to support the development and realization of the collections of the young winners."


How important and followed are trends to people?


We often hear that nothing new exists or is invented. "I don't think there is nothing new anymore. the world is perpetually changing and in this period in particular it undergoes a lot of shake-ups. Every day is a new challenge. However, it's true that it's a multiple world where no creative path is precluded, it's up to us to find a synthesis between all the information, a personal balance linked to the corporate DNA to choose and build.


What are your thoughts on "seasonless" collections and the brands that focus on them? Is this also a trend? 


"Attention to consumption and the reason behind creation is more and more the order of the day, they are the obligatory themes of this historical moment. A sustainable idealism, with even more deeply eco-responsibility at the center of our creative processes. That honors nature and raw materials in ingenious designs and proposes the implementation of alternative solutions as a source of new creative momentum. Toward a future guided by common sense and adaptability, in harmony with the environment, linking new problems to ancestral solutions. Valuing quality, authenticity, partners in sustainability and circularity of processes. In a virtuous circle of design, from the origin of the material to the first sketches of a collection. Circularity of materials and first- and second-hand looks also change the fashion narrative. Continuous process improvement and design evolution impose a new vision and root eco-design in creation routines. Traceable, recycled, organic, waterless, chemical-reduced, vegetable-tanned or metal-free, biodegradable are Première Vision's criteria that guide buyers to products with invisible benefits."




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