Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: A 4-Star Button, LE-BIOBU





Bottonificio Lenzi has been producing and distributing buttons and accessories since 1955, which are worked entirely in a highly technological reality but at the same time set in the hills of Emilia, testifying to the attachment to the territory and the irreplaceability of Made in Italy.


To the use of classic materials such as corozo, horn, metal, etc., the historic company has added a new generation material, thus enriching its production with a " green " proposal in the true sense of the word. The biopolymers used are in fact of plant origin and are the result of the extraction of technical sugar from certain plants.  PLA , or Polylactic Acid, is an innovative bioplastic, a material derived from the transformation of sugars found in corn, beet, sugar cane and other natural and renewable materials and not derived from petroleum (unlike traditional plastic).






This bioplastic is biodegradable and compostable so it rapidly degrades in the soil once the necessary temperature and moisture conditions are reached.


PLA is therefore to be considered an Ecofriendly material as it is produced from annually renewable natural resources and, once used, is 100 percent recyclable. Le-BioBu is the button made from this material and is the only one that has achieved the highest recognition, the 4 Vincotte stars, granted to biobased products.


Le-BioBu contributes to an ecologically virtuous cycle from production to disposal, effectively replacing the use of petroleum-derived products such as traditional plastics and thus also reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


The use of BIO POLYMER in the production of this button (but also of other accessories) guarantees a reduction of CO2 five times greater than that resulting from the use of traditional polyester, arriving at atmospheric emissions almost equal to zero.


With the same production cycle, an estimate of CO2 emissions, can be summarized as follows:


  •  1 Button (3 grams) made from PET is equivalent to 8.4 grams of CO2 in the atmosphere


  • 1 Button (3 grams) made from BIO POLYMER is equivalent to 1.5 grams of CO2 in the atmosphere or 6.9 grams of CO2 emissions saved for each button made

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