CHEMALUX: This is how new managers of Luxury are born




CHEMALUX is a Master's degree program in management and communication for the Luxury Chemical Industry that will reach its fourth edition in 2023. Organized by Lem Industries Group in collaboration with the University of Siena, CHEMALUX is a one-year course that is aimed at students, young people and working and non-working adults from all fields of study.


But how does this educational itinerary come about?


Lem Industries Group is a Made in Italy chemical giant, specializing in the development of innovative solutions and technologies for the finishing of metal fashion accessories: electroplating, painting and PVD.
Lem Industries Group has established itself as the most important European company for the growth and development of companies and start-ups active in the accessories sector and their finishing for the most internationally considered luxury brands. The goal is to guarantee the Luxury market the quality of Italian craftsmanship combined with stable and efficient industrial production.


Lem Industries Group expands between Valdichiana and Valdarno and has reached its current size through the acquisition of upstream companies in the fashion accessory supply chain. In 2017, the holding company had five companies with a total turnover of 36mln euros. As of today, there are eleven companies in the Lem Industries Group with a turnover of 150mln euros and a potential supply chain of about 2,000 people. "We have incorporated companies that produce galvanic plants, metal painting, precious metal recovery plants, and so on," explain Dr. Corso Biagioni (General Director of Lem Industries) and Omar Antonio Cescut (Chief Marketing & Communication Officer of Lem Industries) - the missing piece was to create a professionalizing path and a future Academy to enhance human capital and insert another and new qualified piece in the fashion production chain."


CHEMALUX seeks to respond in part to the very high demand for specialized professional figures in the Luxury supply chain: "The master's program directed by Dr. Maurizio Masini," LEM executives go on to explain, "follows three complementary themes, general management, green chemistry and sustainability/circulation. This program aims to create new professional profiles to meet the demands of a market that is creating increasingly innovative and unprecedented tasks." The Master's program has both professional figures and university professors from the University of Siena as well as managers from various companies and maisons involved in the project as lecturers. The course includes numerous workshops, company testimonials and exercises that enable participants to acquire all the skills necessary for immediate entry into the world of work. The course concludes with the discussion of a thesis and project work. 

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