Pichetto Fratin from Micam: "Guaranteeing liquidity to companies through credits from banks"

In an international climate that is once again difficult and uncertain, the present edition of Micam 121 (March 13-15, 2022), already postponed to the pre-spring period due to Covid, is taking place at RHO Milano fiera. The signals coming from the footwear fair are however encouraging for the desire to restart also thanks to some reassurances that government and institutions are trying to launch to the Italian fashion system. In this regard, on the opening day of Micam, the Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, spoke during the talk "Adjusting the course: The fashion supply chain between financial emergency and new markets" organized by the Marche Chamber of Commerce.

He told Ansa: "We are constantly committed to defending the excellence of Italian products, an essential component of our Made in Italy, and to supporting the competitiveness of the supply chain, which today more than ever needs to protect its brands, also for the benefit of end consumers. At this time - continued Pichetto Fratin - it is more necessary than ever for institutions and companies to reflect on the fiscal and financial measures needed to stem the effects of the crisis, also following the recent events of recent weeks. Therefore, a first important objective will be to continue to guarantee liquidity to companies through credits granted by banks: this is a fundamental issue for our entrepreneurs, not only for the survival of their activities, but also for the resumption of investments".

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