MICAM 93: determinations and style, emerging designers are back

An island of research and innovation within the unique space of MICAM Milano. Emerging Designers, the most interesting voices on the international scene selected exclusively for the event by a jury of experts, will be back again for the 93rd edition of the international footwear fair from March 13 to 15.

In a complex moment full of contradictory aspects, the gaze of young people offers the most important portrait of what will represent the future for society, fashion and style. From the calls for sustainability to the search for new or very old construction techniques, the values that will make up the world of fashion in the coming years emerge and that are already emerging with determination in the footwear community.

In this edition the Emerging Designers ready to show to all visitors their style intuitions will be Alessandra Balbi, Ammabile, Daniel Essa, Jerelyn Creado, Markus Alexander, Meher Kakalia, Momoc, O.T.A. Paris, Skua Studio, Thread, Titi Adesa and Umoja.

Great attention to research, choice of materials, design and product presentation are the common traits that distinguish the creations of these rising stars of style, chosen by a jury composed of experts such as Ernesto Esposito, Angelo Lanza, Eva Geraldine Fontanelli, Mauro Galligari, Maximilian Linz and Riccardo Slavik.

The designers' style proposals range from pop quotations to research into the most classic forms, from metropolitan atmospheres that echo electronic music, to the rediscovery of natural or waste materials for new and surprising fashion ideas. Sustainability is a red thread that unites all the proposals, united by a strong underlying cultural value that reflects the many interests and interesting professional lives of the designers.
There is no lack of truly unusual experimentation and original reinterpretations of models that have made footwear history.


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