LL re-search: Meba Bioresins, the fashionable choice to be sustainable down to the last detail

New appointment with the Leather & Luxury column, a journey in search of innovative materials, techniques and processes, undertaken with the designer Bettina Grampa.

Today the focus will be on: the first eco-sustainable resins.

As in cooking, in fashion everything starts from the choice of raw materials. Because the result is always the whole of the parts and this also applies to sustainability. In order to make possible a world in which we can count on an increasingly careful and responsible fashion, the Piacenza-based company Meba has developed Meba Bioresins: the first eco-sustainable resins. A valid ally also in the fashion sector to focus on an ecofriendly approach.

It is a material composed of biomass and other raw materials from renewable sources and produced by drastically reducing the use of raw materials of fossil origin, the emission of CO2 and the toxicity of waste. At the base there is a process of upcycling of green ingredients: corn starch, sugar cane processing waste, vegetable oils and fats are "reborn" in the form of biopolymers. 

The result, the fruit of 4 years of research, is a green material that loses neither quality nor variety nor aesthetics, for which Meba has been appreciated since the 1970s. Thus guaranteeing the versatility of all times, the customization of colors and the development of effects in an innovative version that looks to the future.