Eternel, Lampo's answer to the needs of the leather goods industry

A high standing answer to increasingly stringent market needs, especially in the leather goods sector. Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi, a true international reference in the field of zippers, presents Eternel, a new zipper born from a design philosophy based on innovation and product performance. A zipper created with the durability required by leather goods products in mind, but also with the growing attention to the principles of circular economy and sustainable design.


The closure, which is well suited to be used on fine leather goods, has a number of pluses in the design such as a new slider, more elegant, and improvements on the teeth for greater smoothness. From a technical point of view, the accessory, made using 100% Eco galvanic, is Nickel compliant and Chemical resistant. The colors are made through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). A timeless accessory designed by Lampo to redesign the formula of eternity.


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