Bags with eco-friendly ANEMA

"Let's make vegan materials the standard". The fashion environmentalism of ANEMA, a young Napolitan leather goods brand that makes the use of vegan materials its flagship, is aiming high. An ambitious and innovative mission that goes straight to the heart of sustainability in the world of fashion. 


ANEMA is a creation of Francesco Esposito, creative mind of the project and already a protagonist in the family leather goods "MF Group" together with his brother Mirko: "The idea is to promote a conscious and sustainable fashion. That's why we have chosen to produce bags for women, but not only, using only materials derived from corn, hemp and cactus, for a future within everyone's reach".

ANEMA bags have the chrisms of Luxury thanks to a first-rate expertise and valuable and certified materials, now established on the market. "Our collections are season-less - says Francesco Esposito - that is, they do not follow the classic canons of the seasons. We don't believe in this system that consumes everything quickly. So we rather create drops because we like a slow-fashion approach".


The quality of ANEMA bags is marked Made in Italy in every way: "We are convinced that it is not a utopia to combine the needs of the market with those of the environment - concludes Francesco Esposito - we keep the quality of the product high using alternative materials».


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