THINK BAG Workshop: Agile

Despite the adversities of the new year, the THINK BAG project, created by Leather & Luxury and Loipell, keeps going with the workshop days where the partner suppliers make available to the students of Polimoda, materials, skills and techniques, to help them realize their iconic bag in a sustainable way. Lapo Roccia, co-founder together with his brother Lorenzo of the company Agile, tells us why he decided to participate in the project and how he will support the students.



What does the company do?

Agile was founded in September 2000 to introduce new digital printing applications in the fashion and interior design sector. The customization of leather printing became the hallmark of the company, which a few years later began to internalize the entire production process, starting from the material selection. Agile is now able to offer a finished product, further enhanced by the selection of ad hoc printable materials.


What kind of support will you give to the THINK BAG participants?

We want to help students by offering them the opportunity to work on leathers with cutting-edge printing techniques, relying on our advice to optimize the realization of their idea. More specifically, we would like to provide them with an innovative ecological ink that complies with the strictest sustainability certifications and is capable of ensuring maximum quality performance.



Why have you decided to take part in the THINK BAG project?

For years we have been collaborating with schools and training institutions to provide support to young designers. 80% of our staff are young people, so it’s not a casual participation for us; we deeply believe in the power of new generations’ ideas: their mind "goes fast" and can develop really effective ideas. To do this, however, it is important to show them the possibilities offered by materials and techniques, to involve them and make them participate in creative processes. This is why we participate with great enthusiasm in the project.

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