"THINK BAG" project by Leather & Luxury and Loipell: a collaboration with the students at Polimoda

On February 25th 2021, Leather & Luxury and Loipell launched the "THINK BAG" project: an opportunity for the students at Polimoda to create an iconic bag of their personal brand and to sell it in a well-known Italian store.

The project is targeted to third-year students in Fashion Design management and those in the Master Design program. The aim of this project is to support young designers in expressing and improving their skills in terms of creativity and project development.

The THINK BAG project consists in designing, manufacturing, and marketing a bag – it can be a purse, a bag, a knapsack, a fanny pack, or a briefcase. Moreover, students will have to consider some fundamental criteria, such as sustainability, feasibility, innovative design, and functionality.

The students will have to comply with a set budget to produce each piece and the related packaging. The quality of the materials will be guaranteed by the partnership with Leather & Luxury and the Network of companies who with it collaborates for the supply of  leather, textiles, accessories, digital prints, and embroidery available.

Each student will present a handmade sample of the bag to a jury, composed by an online survey and a physically present commission. Subsequently, Loipell will produce 20 pieces of the winning project and will also select the most appropriate store to sell the bags. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

The project partners: Polimoda, Loipell, Leather & Luxury

  • Born from Shirley Goodman and Emilio Pucci’s intuition in 1986, the Polimoda Fashion Institute is one of the most famous fashion institutes in the world. It has hosted some of the most important designers and stylists of the last 40 years and has become, thanks to the countless partnerships with brands and fashion companies, a point of reference for the enhancement and continuous evolution of Made in Italy.
  • Founded in 1993, Loipell produces prototypes and samples for companies that want to make the most of their Made in Italy products. A Leather Factory that has put quality, efficiency, and sustainability at the centre of its work, as demonstrated by collaborations with the most prestigious international Luxury brands.
  • Leather & Luxury is a leading magazine in the Made in Italy leather goods sector, enhancing the excellences that have enabled Italy to become the global hub of high-quality production. A few weeks ago, the company launched a Network that helps brands (also international) to get in contact directly and for free, with over 200 high quality Italian suppliers, thus becoming a benchmark for the entire sector.



  • February 25th

Starting date of the project.

  • March 10th–19th

Workshop at Polimoda with the project partner suppliers to select materials and processes.

  • March 31st

Presentation of the students’ proposals for technical review care of Loipell.

  • April – May

Creation of the prototypes at Polimoda in cooperation with the suppliers.

  • May 20th

Delivery of the projects and ensuing selection by the jury, composed by the online survey and the physically present commission (Loipell and Leather & Luxury representatives, Polimoda, journalists, buyers, and suppliers).

  • July – September

Production of the 20 pieces of the winning bag followed by its promotion at international exhibitions by Leather & Luxury, completed by the in-store promotion.