THINK BAG Workshop: Tissés by Banelli

Tissés by Banelli, a manufacturing company of bio-organic fabrics made from natural fibres, is one of the partner suppliers of the THINK BAG project by Leather & Luxury and Loipell. During the second workshop day, it showed the students of Polimoda the materials, skills and techniques that will be available to help them make their iconic bag in a sustainable way. Marina Elli, designer and researcher of innovative fibers for Tissés, helps us understand why the company has joined the project and what kind of support they are intended to give to the young designers.



What does the company do?

Born as spin-off for the ennoblement activity of the Banelli company, Tissés is dedicated to experimentation and continuous research with proposals that combine aesthetics and functionality, in full respect of environmental sustainability.

We produce our eco-friendly products by carefully selecting the raw materials, production processes and certified finishing phases at all stages of the supply chain. The attention to the environment is not only a market demand but a value that Tissés believes in and for which it has been committed for a long time. Tissés offers precious and unconventional fabrics designed for the creativity of designers in the world of leather, footwear, accessories and clothing, integrating the use of modern technology with Italian artistic craftsmanship.


What products will you make available to the students?

We have provided a selection of different articles in four materials: 100% linen, cotton, hemp and 100% recycled polyester. They are innovative and original fabrics that respect the environment and consumer health.

For example, the exclusive PETTEX is a certified recycled polyester fabric, made with 100% NewlifeTM yarn, derived from plastic bottles, entirely collected and mechanically processed in Italy. A way of transforming what would be destined to pollute the environment, into a raw material, whose production process is much more sustainable, in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, than virgin polyester. All the fabrics supplied are suitable for different uses and can be matched, dyed, and processed with various certified finishing. We felt that it was important to convey a sustainable message to the aspiring creatives of the Think Bag project, which we believe should be read in a totally green tone, from the choice of raw materials to the final design.



Why have you decided to join THINK BAG?

We want to support young talents in the fashion industry, and we believe that communication between the industrial and the educational world is one of the cornerstones of sustainable innovation. A reciprocal exchange of information that underlies the development of new trends. We are pleased to communicate to the designers and fashion managers of the future that, thanks to their new ideas and innovations, they will influence the birth of a new fashion culture.


Your company has always shown a deep focus on environmental sustainability. Fortunately, in recent years, this topic has become central in the consumers and companies’ awareness...

Sustainability is an issue that needs to be urgently faced by the fashion world. Even though the process of sustainable transformation has started recently, it is developing very quickly. It is an exploratory journey and, unfortunately, there is still much confusion in defining how fashion brands should participate in this virtuous process. We are proud to contribute in making sustainability an essential point in the new definition of fashion; the key principle on which young independent designers should ground their next collections.

By providing innovative fabrics to the textile world we want to offer new tools to this movement of creatives, who want to create products with a strong purpose, developed and focused on circular design. True circularity in design means borrowing the ingredients from nature, and being able to return to it, once the life cycle of a product has exhausted its function.