THINK BAG Workshop: Creazioni Lorenza

After the third meeting of the THINK BAG project by Leather & Luxury and Loipell, dedicated to workshops with partner suppliers and Polimoda students, we asked few questions to Francesco Bencini of Creazioni Lorenza, to understand what drove him to be part of the project and how he will support young designers. In fact, during the workshop days, suppliers show to the students their materials, skills and techniques that will be put at their disposal to help them realize their iconic bag in a sustainable way.



What does the company do?

Creazioni Lorenza was founded in Florence in 1968, by the Bencini brothers, with the aim of providing fashion companies with all kinds of metal accessories that a style office can design. Today Creazioni Lorenza has the newest technologies, both in the design and production fields, perfect to support the participants in the THINK BAG project.


Why did you decide to participate in THINK BAG?

Creazioni Lorenza is a small company always open to new ideas, in fact we often work with emerging designers, who are always a source of energy and innovation. In addition, we are pleased to collaborate with the students of Polimoda, which is a world leader in fashion education, as well as an example of Italian and Florentine excellence.

We look forward to seeing the projects of the THINK BAG participants, also because we are always looking for creative ideas to improve. We wish all students to become the designers of the future, able to create the next "it-bag".


How does your company address the issue of sustainability?

We have always been very attentive to sustainability, so much so that the environmental certification Iso 14001 is now close. In addition, we have tried to find answers to the demand of increasingly sustainable articles. 

For this reason, we have adopted a new productive philosophy, according to which attention both to the environment and to details, is perfectly expressed. This is how Forext was born: a new way of producing fashion accessories, using a natural material made entirely of certified cellulose, 100% sustainable, and completely biodegradable.



What materials will you make available to students?

We will offer to the students the possibility to make customized accessories, (from CAD drawings to the finished product), such as closures, decorative logos, charms, buckles, etc. In addition to the innovative Forext, which we are presenting to the students of Polimoda in absolute preview, we will make available all our materials, such as various types of metal, wood, marble, etc. 

As a matter of fact, while taking into account the limitations in terms of budget, we do not want to limit creativity.