THINK BAG Workshop: Ceitex Italia

After the second meeting of the THINK BAG project by Leather & Luxury and Loipell, dedicated to workshops with partner suppliers and Polimoda students, we asked few questions to Massimiliano Maruccia of Ceitex Italia to understand what drove him to be part of the project and how he will support young designers. In fact, during the workshop days, the suppliers show the students their materials, skills and techniques that will be put at their disposal to help them realize their iconic bag in a sustainable way.



What does the company do?

Ceitex Italia produces customized packaging: "For each customer we create an ad hoc bag", explains Massimiliano. "The customization is total, in fact it is not a coincidence that Ceitex Italia has become the main contact person of prestigious brands of Haute Couture and of important companies at international exhibitions, exporting the quality of Italian manufacturing all over the world. The production includes shopping bags in fabric and bubble wrap, shoe cases, drawstring bags for leather goods and fashion accessories, clothes covers and paper shoppers".

We pay particular attention to minimize the environmental impact: not only are all silk-screen and flexographic inks water-based, but also the sustainability of production is a real mantra of the entire production process. The entire production system of organic cotton, recycled fabrics, paper and fabrics derived from cellulose are certified and internationally approved thanks to the GOTS - GRS - FSC - LDPE 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC certifications.

The philosophy of Ceitex Italia fully embraces the THINK BAG project, thanks to the quality of the materials it uses, the artisanal know-how and the exceptional attention to environmental sustainability.


Which product will you supply to the THINK BAG participants?

We immediately thought about our BAG HAND line, which is a polyfunctional dust bag that allows both the preservation of the bag and the optimization of the space. The strength of this product is the versatility, in fact it can also become a comfortable bag for clothes, which can be stored in a suitcase, or a tote bag. Traditional dust bags usually have ribbons to allow the user to narrow the opening: the proposed model has ribbons on top so it can also act as shoulder bag handles (transportable shopper). In addition, the product is made of eco-sustainable fabric (recycled cotton or organic cotton).



Why have you decided to participate in the THINK BAG project?

We joined THINK BAG because we believe in the students' innovative and creative skills. Freshness and dynamism are essential parts of Made in Italy, therefore young people need to be supported by companies to understand what the implementing obstacles could be. In the industrialization of a product there are often concrete obstacles to face.


What kind of support could you give to the students at Polimoda?

Our goal is to provide young designers not only with technical knowledge, but also with an experience on production possibilities. Creativity must also come with the needs of economic scalability, especially when the numbers of production are small: in a 200thousand-pieces collection the customization is total, but a smaller quantity leaves less room for customization. We would like to show students how to combine quality, customization, economic scalability and environmental sustainability.