CDC srl, luxury chains producing company for the leather goods sector, is a partner of the THINK BAG project by Leather & Luxury and Loipell. On the 17th of March CDC met the students of Polimoda at the Design Lab in Scandicci, to present the chains that will be made available to the young designers. As a matter of fact, during the workshop days, the companies will present to support the young designers, materials, skills and techniques that will be provided  to support them during the creation of the iconic bag. We asked Chiara Pezzatini, manager of CDC srl, what was the reason why they decided to participate in the THINK BAG.



Why did you decide to participate in the project?

As soon as I was informed about THINK BAG, I thought about the future. Today’s students are the creative minds of tomorrow! Moreover, I believe it can be helpful for anyone who wants to become a professional designer, to be aware of what lies behind the final product. I hope that in the future there will be more and more curiosity towards the manufacturers by the "insiders".

Made in Italy is not just a brand. Italian excellences follow and listen to the needs of the customer. I think it is necessary that future designers feel the need to visit suppliers to better understand the product, its peculiarities and also its limits.


What materials will you make available to THINK BAG participants?

We offer to students a range of chains, of different sizes and styles, in brass, light brass, zamak and aluminum, which will then be galvanized with the finishes selected for this project, always taking into account the budget that students are required to respect.



What kind of support will you give to the students?

I would like students to understand the technical issues and timing of production. THINK BAG can be a wonderful opportunity to confront them with the need to create products that are easily saleable, aesthetically qualitative and economically sustainable.

Combining school and business is fundamental: the first gives an indispensable theoretical basis, while the second implies dealing with reality. I happen to see students who feel almost "accomplished" once completed a school course of excellence. My advice is to stay humble, and always maintain a curious and proactive approach.