Suolificio Pegaso srl

Manufacturer of soles for the footwear sector

The artisans of soles

 Artisanship, work culture, high specialization: these, in short, are the values that make Suolificio Pegaso srl one of the most appreciated companies in the footwear distribution chain in Veneto.

Founded in 1975 by the artisan and entrepreneur Oddone Cabbia, Pegaso srl proposes itself as a versatile company capable of producing and processing soles for men and women’s footwear in every type of material, from leather to rubber.

«Our processes are still carried out manually - explains Mr. Cabbia – and we offer our clients a complete service that includes every stage of sole production».

Suolificio Pegaso srl specializes in the manufacturing of mono-blocks in addition to taking care of finishes including the application of wedges and, above all, high heels to soles.

At the client’s request, the company can create and develop samples by combining the research of trends with timely deliveries.

Every single detail is studied to guarantee a finished article with the characteristics of excellence typical of Made in Italy.

Suolificio Pegaso srl

Via Cornio 26
Sandon di Fossò (VE)
Tel +39 041 46630


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Suolificio Pegaso srl Suolificio Pegaso srl Suolificio Pegaso srl Suolificio Pegaso srl