Adhesives and technical fabrics for footwear and leather goods

We are invisible. We are everywhere.

Industrie Chimiche Forestali is specialized in the production of adhesives and technical fabrics for the footwear, leather goods, automotive, and packaging sectors.

These are the company’s numbers: founded in 1918, a team of 130 specialized collaborators that produces over 22,000 tons of adhesives and 5 million meters of technical fabrics every year, a turnover of about 80 million euros.

Production is carried out exclusively at the Marcallo con Casone (MI) plant, with 70% of production exported worldwide. Three R&D departments with 22 employees produce 20 new products every month.

ICF's strength is its ability to combine 102 years of experience with the vision of the company’s CEO, Guido Cami, who focuses on global markets and innovation.

Quality, customized solutions and reliability are the driving forces at the clients’ service; fairness, ethics, and sustainability are the company's values.

As Guido Cami tells us, ICF has made Sustainability its strength for many years: economic sustainability, thanks to the company's ability to remain competitive and grow in the medium to long term; environmental sustainability, with the production of 50% solvent-free and water-based adhesives, the use of energy from renewable sources, and the attainment of the main environmental certifications (ISO 14001 and the EMAS Regulation) and the Sustainability Report; last but not least, social sustainability and attention to the well-being, respect, and health of the company’s employees and all external clients.


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