MG Etrusco

Production of welts, bands, and bottoms for soles and heels

The welt specialists


Specialising in the production of welts for 25 years, the MG Etrusco company is now a partner to the major players in the Italian and international footwear sectors. It produces welts made only from the best materials on the market, including regenerated leather, leather, TR, PVC, TPU and EVA. The MG Etrusco company also produces sole bands and heel bottoms for every type of footwear, available in different sizes and colours.


With 50,000 metres of daily production, the company makes use of modern machinery, such as the innovative plotter that allows any print to be made on any material. The MG Etrusco company, while having an industrial vision, continues to work with a strong artisanal imprint: seriousness and attention to detail are not just words, but a method with which the staff sets to work every day to create the best proposals for the footwear industry.


The in-depth knowledge of all problems relating to production and the experience gained in satisfying every request, both technical and functional, enable the MG Etrusco company to offer a complete consultancy service.

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