Tacchificio Villa Cortese

Production of heels and components for footwear

Eco-friendly and innovative solutions for quality footwear


Sustainability has always been a philosophy of Tacchificio Villa Cortese‭ (‬TVC‭) - ‬a Milan-based company specialising in the production of heels for footwear‭. ‬More than 60‭ ‬years of activity‭, ‬combined with a propensity for innovation‭, ‬have enabled it to become a partner to the best-known fashion brands‭. ‬For the TVC company‭, ‬innovation is inseparable from sustainability‭. ‬And it is this‭ ‬philosophy that inspires the R&D department when developing new solutions‭. ‬


The latest is FheelBio™‭ ‬BCA‭, ‬a new material for heels and accessories of bio-circular designation that is ISCC Plus certified‭. ‬This material has the same performance‭, ‬quality‭, ‬and properties as standard products‭, ‬but with an overall reduction in environmental impact indicators‭, ‬including CO2‭ ‬emissions associated with the product life cycle‭. ‬


The BCA designation refers to the sustainable content allocated‭ ‬by mass balance according to ISCC Plus certification and comes from organic waste‭. ‬This content is attributed to 65%‭ ‬by weight and each transfer in the supply chain is certified and tracked with appropriate sustainability declarations‭.‬

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