Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: Nunous, a new life for textile waste




New Leather&Luxury column, a journey in search of innovative materials, techniques and processing undertaken with designer Bettina Grampa.


NUNOUS is a totally new and patented fabric, based on other recycled textile material, created by SEISHOKU, which has more than 140 years of history in the industry. It has a look similar to that of marble and semi-precious stones, and is unique with numerous processing possibilities, making it a game changer for the fashion industry. It is said that the textile industry, along with the fashion industry, is one of the worst causes of environmental contamination; in Japan, as in the rest of the World, the textile industry is growing steadily with about 1.8 billion in annual production ( data from METI ).


Japanese quality control is extremely high, but, unfortunately, non-standard products are always found, a quantity ( 9 million cubic meter ) that seems invisible and unimportant but is actually so large that it can cover half the circumference of the earth with 45 cm in height. Non-standard textile materials are very difficult to recycle and, in most cases, are carded or burned, as a means of disposal. NUNOUS addresses this problem by recycling the materials without compromising their feel and color by making "invisible disposal" become "beautifully visible."

NUNOUS proposes an environmentally friendly fabric for the future that has the characteristics of both leather and fabric, can be processed by die-cutting, and is double-sided, does not fray and therefore does not require stitching at the edges. For this reason it can be used for wallets, bags but also for clothing items. It has a pattern reminiscent of abstract paintings and also natural stones. It is a unique pattern like that of nature. In addition, it has the strength and durability to withstand industrial standards.

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