World Color Day in the time of armocromy





Coloring Day. All over the world, May 6th marks World Color Day, also known as World Kids Coloring Day. In fact, the initiative began as a date dedicated to young children, but over the years it has increasingly become an occasion to emphasize the meaning of color and its importance. From the world of furniture to the world of fashion, our connection with colors has a not insignificant impact in our everyday lives.


With colors we express our identity, our mood, but these can also be allies in enhancing one's appearance. For some time now, there has been increasing talk of armochromy, which allows one to identify, through the analysis of personal color characteristics, a palette capable of enhancing one's features. According to armochromy, each of us falls into a category that can be associated with color seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.


Each season (which in turn has a series of declinations based on skin undertone, its chromatic value, intensity and contrast between skin and hair color) is matched with a palette to be taken as a reference for the choice of clothing and make-up in such a way as to create, according to the discipline, a chromatic harmony capable of enhancing aesthetic characteristics, bringing out natural tones and giving brightness.


For example, Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta, color of the year 2023, is a "friendly" shade for cold-toned skins, and in particular for the Winter season, which therefore presents a cold skin undertone and a high contrast between skin, eye and hair color. For all other "seasons" that do not want to give up this shade, the trick is to avoid it for make up or for the upper parts of the outfit, focusing on shoes or accessories such as Aquazzura's Bow Tie Pump or Valentino Garavani's Locò minibag.

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