Harry Potter Day: when magic meets fashion

Already the fact that there is an "International Harry Potter Day," which falls today, May 2, gives the measure of how much the Hogwarts saga has also become a costume phenomenon, even to the point of influencing the fashion world. The uniforms of the most famous magic school ever, inspired by those worn by students in British schools, have contributed to the spread of the collegiate, so-called preppy style. Shall we then talk about Harry's round glasses? Similar frames have depopulated in the past years and not only among fans of the saga.






Not to mention fast fashion brands such as Primark or H&M that have launched collections dedicated to fans of the saga. In 2020, H&M itself made a capsule for the little ones that combined Hogwarts school prints with distinctive elements from the saga, such as the owl Edwige. Primark, in 2017, sold out its clothing and gift line declined on the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.


But, in the days of artificial intelligence, it also happens to see Harry Potter & Co dress Balenciaga. It happens with the project of Demonflyingfox, a Patreon user who "transformed" characters from the greatest fantasy sagas into models, imagining a vintage Balenciaga campaign. So here is Harry grown and rigorous, Hagrid in a sexy version, but also the elf Dobby reinvented as virtual models for the French brand.




A less technological precedent in which the world of HP met fashion dates back to 2018 when the profile "Gryffindior" appeared on Instagram. Created by Rachel Bernstein, senior art editor at Moda Operandi, it features Professor McGrannit, Hermione Granger and even Albus Dumbledore "photoshopped" and dressed in Dior. There is also an unlikely Harry Potter in a see-through shirt from SS20. Finally, there is no shortage of mashups with looks from other houses: a stylish Draco Malfoyin Yves Saint Laurent FW 16 or the "chanelf" Dobby, in Chanel FW 22.

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